Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Most Expensive Alfa Romeo Ever Made

Although most present-day Alfa Romeos are positioned at competitive price points, the company's name has almost the same clout as Ferrari or Maserati. But today all three of these venerated Italian marques are owned by the same company, so they each take a different market position. Except the 8C Competizione. That's the one model that bursts dividing walls between the separate divisions, with each one lending a hand towards the car's development and production. Alfa only made 500 examples, and they all went fast. But there are 500 more to come, and they could be even more desirable.

Spurred purely by popular demand, Alfa Romeo is building a second run of convertible 8C Spiders. But good luck getting your hands on one. Of the 500 that will be built, only 35 are destined for the United States. And when they get here, they'll be selling for $299,000 apiece. But with demand reaching far higher than supply, you can bet that most will be trading hands at far higher prices than that, giving new meaning to the phrase "nice work if you can get it".