Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Electrik Red 2nd of 5 Artists Performing at Carlyle Motor Club Sponsored BET Awards Event

We here at Carlyle Motor Club are pleased to announce Def Jam's R&B sensation Electrik Red as the 2nd of 5 performers that will be hitting the stage at our exclusive BET Awards Post Event. Discovered by The Dream, Electrik Red is poised to make a huge impact on the music scene with their debut album.

Stay tuned as tomorrow we shall be revealing the name of the 3rd of 5 performers that we're honored to have at our event!

Def Jam’s Electrik Red ready to make an impact

Under the legendary record label Def Jam, Electrik Red brings an edgy brand of R&B and hip-hop that exemplifies the future sound of music. Hailing from New York City and Canada, the all-girl group Electrik Red comprises Naomi, Sarah, Lesley and Binkie. Their debut album How To Be a Lady Vol. 1 drops March 24.