Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Clipse 3rd of 5 Artists Performing at Carlyle Motor Club Sponsored BET Awards Event

The Carlyle Motor Club is happy to announce rap duo, The Clipse as the 3rd of 5 performers at our BET Awards Post Event. Signed to Pharell's label imprint, Star Trak, The Clipse has been instrumental in defining the hip hop landscape over the past 8 years.

With the release of their latest single "Kinda Like a Big Deal" featuring Kanye West, The Clipse are a very welcome addition to an increasingly potent lineup of celebrity performers at our event. Stay tuned for the 4th of our 5 performers tomorrow!

The Clipse and Kanye West first listen: 'Kinda Like a Big Deal'

For fans of the Clipse, the Virginia rap duo's upcoming third album, Till the Casket Drops, is a big deal, indeed. So it was with great pleasure that I ventured out tonight to hear the album's first teaser single, the appropriately titled "Kinda Like a Big Deal," which features a guest spot from Kanye West and should be released for public consumption on March 9. Super-instant react: It's dope.