Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The $80,000 Hyundai

No more than a couple years ago, it would've been laughable to pay more than $30k for any vehicle with the Hyundai badge on it. We here at Carlyle Motor Club were admittedly skeptical when they released their heralded Genesis sedan in 2007 as a 2008 model with a base price of $32,250. With a fully-appointed Genesis priced at $43,525, it's hard to fault us for mocking Hyundai previously known as a poor man's Honda....previously.

Now the joke is on us. Since 2007, the Genesis has proven to be a big problem for Lexus as a fully-loaded Genesis offers similar performance, more features, and arguably better styling than the GS350 at a significantly lower price, (the GS350 has a base price of $45,000, a fully equipped GS similar to that of a fully equipped Genesis will run you roughly $54,000).

With the introduction of the Equus, Hyundai has its sights set on Lexus' flagship model, the LS460. Starting at $64,700, the Equus offers upgrades like tilting rear seats, massagers, and rear TV screens. An Equus equipped with all of these options brings the price to $81,200.

Needless to say, we've already received several inquiries on the Equus and can't keep the Genesis sedan nor the coupe in stock due to their immense popularity. The Equus is scheduled to hit Hyundai dealerships in mid-July.

For those looking for the best value and are not so concerned with the badge, its tough to go wrong with the Genesis or the Equus. Contact us today at (888) 804-7852 for information on how to get added to the waiting list for leasing the Equus with NO CREDIT CHECK.